About BillingBird

Billing Bird distinguishes itself from other billing systems by being multilingual and easy to use. Billing Bird supports you with the most basic and daily administrative tasks. For example, create an invoice or offer, save and if necessary print out or send. Create a product or service. Register a customer. Create a practical ‘to do list” … And all that is multilingual, both the administration part as the manuals!
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The design of the program is totally focused at your convenience. You choose from the tabs.

What do you want to do?
– Entering a customer
– Entering a product or service
– Creating a document (invoice, credit note, order or offer)
– Entering a To-do-ticket


Billing Bird is multilingual. You can use your system in your own language while all documents, such as invoices and offers, will be printed in Dutch and in accordance with the Dutch legal requirements.

More users

You will receive one entering-code, allowing you to log in simultaneously from multiple devices in your system.

With the export module you can easily produce summary statistics in Excel, which gives you a better understanding of the situation per customer, per period.

Easy view

Thanks to the To-do reminders you will always find a chronological overview of the outstanding actions and matters requiring attention under the To-do List. This way you will receive a clear and chronological overview of the history.


Billingbird is SSL secure.

Free helpdesk!

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